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Content Management System (CMS)

We have developed our own system that allows clients to save time and money. This easy-to-use CMS system allows anyone to easily update and manage all the contents for all websites in one central location with one simple login. We give you the flexibility and control you need for your website. Our system has been built for both a beginner and an advanced user.  


We take pride in our customer service and support and will help your business make an easy transition to our platform. See below for an overview of some of the system tools available. Contact Us to see how we can help you! 


Some of our system features are listed below. View Pricing

Content Editor
  • Content Editor
  • Control Items on each page
  • Add Menu Links
  • Ad Manager Integration
  • Flash Gallery
  • Blogs / RSS Feeds
  • Photo Galleries
  • Event Calendar
  • Submit An Event
  • Concert Calendar
  • Schedule Items
  • User Permissions / Private Access
  • Custom Forms
  • Feed Reader
  • Photo & Calendar Widgets
  • Podcasts
  • Rotating Header
  • Headlines
  • Image Rating Tools
  • Photo & Calendar Widgets
  • Manage Newsletters & Subscribers
  • Certificates
  • Classifieds
  • Visitor Polls
  • Keyword and Search Tools 
  • Social Integration - Facebook / Twitter
  • Sharing Tools
  • Google Analytics for Stats
  • Quick Links to 3rd Party Services
  • Control User Access
  • Swap Backgrounds
  • Theme Swaps
  • and MORE...


Radio Station Features
  • On Air Now Display Widget
  • On Air Schedule Display
  • On Air Programs Display
  • Personality / DJ Blogs and Pages
  • Artist Library
  • Top Requests
  • Basic Mobile Site
Property Owners
  • Property Management Tools